EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756
EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756

Start real trading in just 30 minutes

Start real trading in just 30 minutes

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Open demo account MetaTrader5

Open demo account MetaTrader5

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Demo account in MetaTrader 4

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For beginners

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Are there formations that can help forecast a target price?

Formations are visual aids that have the function to help identify trends, but a few can give some kind of guidelines on potential price targets as well. One example of such a formation that is considered to provide such information may be symmetrical triangles. You may read more about their characteristics in our formations sections.

Can oscillators give signals to buy and/or sell?

There are some oscillators that may give buying/selling signals like the Moving Averages or the Awesome Oscillator. Please refer to the individual oscillators section or trend indicators section in order to see how these signals are generated.

How can the Fibonacci retracement be useful for trading?

Finonacci retracement is one of an array of popular tools provided by the Fibonacci analysis. This method allows the investor to find potential support and resistance level for a given market trend. This technique, when combined with the Elliott waves, may be used to find potential price targets. For Fibonacci retracement please check our Fibonacci analysis section.

I want to use technical analysis. Do I need a special program?

No, all you have to do is use our MetaTrader 5 application, and that’s it! Everything you need is already there. From different charts, through to countless other instruments, including Fibonacci analysis and Gann analysis, to the possibility of creating your own automated trading mechanisms. Everything is available for free on our platform.

I would like to learn how to trade, how do I start?

The first step is to get acquainted with all the basic information available on our website, which gives you an insight into how to trade and what affects market prices. Open a free “no strings attached” demo account to see the volatility of currencies, commodities, and others, see how they react to news and how to trade them. Also, you may learn how oscillators and other instruments work - it is free of charge. When you feel confident, you may open a real account without the need to download another application.

Is technical analysis enough for trading, or are other instruments needed for successful trading?

Successful trading depends very much on the individual trader’s strategy. Typically for traders, both technical and fundamental analysis are combined, in the pursuit of an approach that would suit one's individual preferences. A vast array of tools needed for successful technical analysis trading is available on our MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

Is there an instrument that shows what the average price on the market was in a given time?

Sometimes investors are interested in knowing the average price level for predefined periods, for example the average for the previous 15 periods or even longer ones like 54 periods. There are many instruments showing or using such an average, the most popular instrument being moving averages - information on moving averages can be found in the trend indicators section.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a method of observation of historical price charts, with the aim of identification of a market trend and moments where it possibly may change. Technical analysis has developed several tools in order to evaluate price movements and different market conditions.

What is the added value of candlestick charts in comparison with bar charts?

Japanese candles or candlestick charts are quite similar to bar charts, but provide quick information if there is an increase or fall in prices, as it is marked by colours in the bodies of the candles. You can find information on how these charts function in the charts section of the website.

What is the Gann analysis based on?

Gann analysis has been created by William Delbert Gann, based on Natural Law, geometric proportions and finally the Law of vibration he formulated. The first one analyses human nature and its moral acts, and in the second Gann used the circle, square and triangle to forecast trends and prices. Finally, the law of vibration assumes that every asset has its own movement (vibration) and when this vibration is in balance, the price will keep steady in one direction forming a trend. More detailed information is available in our Gann analysis section.

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