EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756
EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756

Start real trading in just 30 minutes

Start real trading in just 30 minutes

Micro-lots with no minimum deposit!

Open demo account MetaTrader5

Open demo account MetaTrader5

Opening demo account is the first step

Demo account in MetaTrader 4

Demo account in MetaTrader 4

All-time trading platform classic

For beginners

For beginners

Learn the basics of financial markets

Trading on the financial markets can be anything from, an adrenaline rising entertainment, through a prestigious hobby to a cold-blooded chasing for profits

Rule of thumb

Practically every potential trader can find a profile of investment that suits his/her individual preferences

If you are just making the first steps on the financial markets, this section is just for you. It is  part of our website designated  to everyone who would like to get a broad overview of the most important topics related with active investing.


The key issues that we recommend to get acquainted with include:




Financial marketsfinancial markets


See how the markets function, what affects them and what to take into mind with their different characteristics. From political news and economy to weather events, in a volatile market everything counts!


It is critical for every investor to understand the differences between the countless assets in the different markets - read more on this subject.





Market psychologymarket, psychology


For every individual trader operating on financial markets, the emotions are a factor that cannot be ignored. It can be argued that control over one’s emotions is one of the key factors of potential success on the financial markets.


On the other hand,  failure to do so may deem even  the brightest trading idea into a failure. Learn more about the emotions and typical psychological effects investors have to deal with, and you may find that you face similar problems like other traders - read more on this subject.



Trading platformmetatrader, trading platform


Our trading platform MetaTrader 5 defines a new generation of trading platforms – a powerful tool for trading on financial markets with HighSky Brokers.


If you are just starting, you will find MetaTrader 5  easy to use and intuitive software, that will allow you to make the most of your first trading experience - read more on this subject.




Fundamental analysisfundamental, analysis


Fundamental analysis is the key element of any market analysis.


Media, investors, economists evaluate the economy and price levels mainly based on fundamental elements like interest rates, inflation, production, unemployment and others. This is the favourite type of analysis typically for medium/long-term investments - read more on this subject.




technical analysisTechnical analysis


Technical analysis represents a different approach to the problem of assessment of the situation on the market. It does not even try to understand why prices behave in this way or that, it simply concentrates on a question – where are they going to? There are many tools available that assist the technical analysis traders in the identification of buying and selling opportunities.


Explore volatility, average price indicators, resistance and support levels - these are only a few of the tools available to help you make transactions. Traders use this type of analysis typically for short/medium-term investments - read more on this subject.



Transaction typestransation, order


For everyone who is interested in operating actively on the financial markets, but cannot afford to spend too much time  in front of the computer, pending orders are the thing to consider. The basic idea is simple – once a pending order has been defined by the trader, it will continue to work even if the trader sleeps or is busy with other occupations.


Different types of transactions allow one to close a position automatically, once the prices reach a predefined level, or open a new position if the pre-defined conditions have been met. Different types of orders may be helpful in  different market conditions - read more on this subject.

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