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EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756

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The IFO is an important indicator of the confidence in the German economy, closely followed by financial markets

Current value:111.2
Last value:110.7
Change: 0.5 Loss
Minimum value: 0 (Nov -0001)
Maximum value: 115 (Feb 2011)
IFO survey - Germany

Rule of thumb

The IFO index, along with ZEW, are considered to be the so called “leading indicator” 


It  provides insight into the future development of the economic situation in Germany and the  whole European Union

The IFO Survey, also called the IFO Business Survey, is prepared by the IFO Institute for Economic Research, and is based on about 7,000 monthly survey responses from companies specialising in manufacturing, construction, wholesaling and retailing.


In the survey, companies are asked to express their opinions  about the business climate in Germany – regarding the current situation and the expectations for the next six months.


The business climate can be rated: “good”, “satisfactory” or “poor”, while business expectations may be rated as: “more favourable”, “unchanged” or “more unfavourable”. To measure such subjective opinions, an index has been provided with the base value of 100 points, corresponding to the survey data from 2005. Historic data is available since January 1991.


An increase of the index is considered to be positive event, indicating a rise in confidence on the future of the German economy. A decrease of index is considered to be negative, giving signs that the business climate may turn out to be unfavourable in the future.


The impact on the currency markets is that it supports appreciation of the euro when the IFO index rises above expectations, and its depreciation when the IFO index falls below market predictions.


Periodicity of publication

The IFO Survey is released every month by the ifo Institute for Economic Research.

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Růst HDP celkově zůstává slabší. Oslabení růstu čínské resp. světové ekonomiky se ale dramaticky projevit nemá. Export je stále tahounem růstu ekonomiky, více se ale přidává i domácí poptávka.

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