EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756
EURUSD 1.1319 USDJPY 111.89 USDCAD 1.3316 EURCZK 25.600 USDCZK 22.607 EURPLN 4.2732 USDPLN 3.7756

Start real trading in just 30 minutes

Start real trading in just 30 minutes

Micro-lots with no minimum deposit!

Open demo account MetaTrader5

Open demo account MetaTrader5

Opening demo account is the first step

Demo account in MetaTrader 4

Demo account in MetaTrader 4

All-time trading platform classic

For beginners

For beginners

Learn the basics of financial markets

Ultimate trading technology for both beginners and experienced traders

Rule of thumb

We strongly recommend that you follow this section using at the same time the demo account of MetaTrader 5 for practice. This will allow to take  full advantage of the material presented


Should you have any technical difficulties with installation or opening a demo account with MetaTrader 5, please contact us at  phone number or by email


The first steps with the trading platform would also be much easier if you were familiar with the general principles related  to the financial markets available on the MetaTrader 5, described in Basic information of the CFDs section

MetaTrader 5 defines a new generation of trading platforms – a powerful tool for trading on financial markets with HighSky Brokers.


If you are just starting, you will find MetaTrader 5 an easy to use and intuitive software that will allow you to make the most of your first trading experience.


Advanced traders will enjoy the feature-rich environment that gives practically unlimited possibilities to trade, analyse the price dynamics and automatise the trading process using expert advisors.


Follow all the markets from a single trading platform, test your market ideas on our demo account and enjoy trading with just one click. This and much more.



Trade your market ideas with MetaTrader 5


  • One-Click-Trading – get in the trade quickly using unique one-click technique
  • Various types of orders available, including 6 types of pending orders and trailing stop.
  • Streaming market prices. All the price actions reflected in real time on customisable charts .
  • Information and statistics of the trading account provided in real time.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Export the history of the transactions to Excel format.



Analyse the price dynamics


  • More than 79 analytical tools, supporting such techniques as Elliot, Fibonacci and Gann.
  • 21 timeframes available for each financial instrument, including  2-minute and 4-hour charts .
  • Up to 100 charts opened simultaneously, including line charts, bars and Japanese candles.
  • Customisable windows, colour schemes, analytical templates and profiles enhance the technical analysis experience.






Market Watch – real time pricing


The Market Watch window shows the prices in real time mode from all the markets available for trading on your demo account.


For each of the markets you can see the current transactional prices, the time of the last price update and other useful information.


All the available instruments can be displayed by clicking the right-mouse-button anywhere within the window, and then choosing option „Show all” from the context menu. 





Charts for technical analysis fans


For  traders, using the technical analysis charts constitutes the basis for making actual trading


You will be able to analyse all the price action using more than 60 technical indicators, graphical charting tools and lots of other features, including all the most popular instruments such as moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, Bill Williams indicators and Elliot waves support.


Learn more  about the analysis of charts in the section devoted to technical analysis.




Toolbox window


The Toolbox window shows the most important data related  to your trading account.



The current value of  funds and open positions in the account is reflected as Equity, whereas Free Margin shows the funds available for transactions or withdrawal. Any positions open will also be reflected in this window.



Navigator window


With the navigator window it is possible to switch between multiple demo and real accounts, and manage the indicators.   Automatic trading systems is also possible with the navigator window.


For more advanced users MetaTrader 5 offers the  possibility of developing custom technical indicators, scripts as well as automated trading systems, called here expert advisors. 







Flexibility and customisation


All the graphical features of the MetaTrader 5 are fully customisable. Colours, configuration of charts and financial instruments displayed can be adjusted to individual preferences of each trader.


For example, you can change the colours of any chart using option „Properties” from the context menu shown after a right mouse button click anywhere on the chart.


The instrument shown can be also changed - jjust drag and drop the chosen instrument name, for example the EURUSD, from the Market Watch window to the chart.







History and reporting features


MetaTrader 5 contains a comprehensive back-office module, that allows one to follow and analyse all the orders placed and transactions executed.


metatrader, history


Advanced reporting features allow one to analyse the transactions completed, including the most important statistics and risk ratios.

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